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Gratiot Lake Road


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Burn the Radio

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Broken Mouth Annie

The Outer Loop


Capital Crisis

Professor Marvel

Shakespeare's Ghozt



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The Outer Loop Broken Mouth Annie The Alternative
Burn The Radio Possessor The Muckrakes
Alpha Whale The Kill Circuit Popular Vultures
Reminder Gratiot Lake Road Jon Dubb
The Asthmatics Uglyography SICMaN of VA
The Nerve Scheme 180 Out  

The Outer LoopThe Outer Loop on YourMusicShow, 7/31/11
Folk Punk from Hampton
Episode: "The Untitled Episode"

Artist info from the web: http://www.theouterloop.org

Never Said She Didn't


Animal Friends


Oh (Let 'em Be)


Comfortably Uncomfortable

If U Must Know

Function of a Filthy Mouth

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Redline Addiction - Fractal (with the District Revival), Dammit Matthew Dammit - Genius, Grease Sky Band Coping with Hoping, Pissant - Message, The Strap Ons - French Cough Syrup, The Nerve Scheme - Lovey Dovey, The Spooks - Pleather, THe Static Minds - Feel Good, Jon Dubb - The Door Will Close, Derek Smith - Eyes to See, The Influence - Decade of Deceit, Burn The Radio - Long Red Dress, The Crimson Electric - Southbound Toll, Freedom Hawk - My Road, Humanoids from the Deep - Holy Fuck, Antietam - Julianne Dont Like the Dick

Broken Mouth AnnieBroken Mouth Annie on YourMusicShow, 7/24/11
Americana from Hampton Roads
Episode: "Broken Air Conditioning Annie"

Artist info from the web: http://www.facebook.com/BrokenMouthAnnie

Soft Touch Sunny

Queen of the Castaways


That Tree

Lose My Number

It Burns

Sleep of Kings

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: SAde - By Your Side, Counterfiet Molly - Burn Like Evidence, The Minus Men - Nights End Tragedy, The Crimson Electric - Three Day Bender, 180 Out! - TOuch the Moon, My Carousel - Piece of Joi, Pissant - New Uprise, Capital Crisis - Heist, Lucan Wolf - My Vapira, Grease Sky Band - Slut, The Kill Circuit - Pickin Up the Pieces, Freedom Hawk - Land of the Lost, Jon Dubb - Lean on Me, Mike Federali - Never Be Lonely, Alpha Whale - Preacher, The Outer Loop - Comfortably Uncomfortable, The Two Men Gentleman Band - Me I Get High on Reefer, The Muckrackes - Until They're Gone, Phil Roebuck - Monkey Fist

The AlternativeThe Alternative on YourMusicShow, 7/10/11
Rock/Hip Hop from Hampton Roads
Episode: "Cooking Hot Tracks"

Artist info from the web: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Alternative ...

Wake Up Stand Up Lift Up/Don't Let This Life Leave You

Keep Fightin/The Alternative:

B-Boy/Love Is:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Mermaids in the Basement- What's On My Mind, Redline Addiction- He's Not a Bad Friend, Just a Lousy Lover, The Fastermores- All Night, SICMaN of VA- BBE (LIVE at the NorVa), The Asthmatics- Delilah (LIVE on YMS), SoniQual- Nothing Left, Tha Grit- Death Train, The Sunset Riffs- Track #4, Jon Dubb- A-Game, Zachary Tate Pool- All My Friends, All Roads Lead Home-Torturous States of Mind, animal sound- So In The Low, Downbeat Switch- Room to Breathe, UNKNOWN- State of Mind, Dammit Matthew Dammit- Me Gusta, The Outer Loop- Oh

Burn The RadioBurn The Radio on YourMusicShow, 7/4/11
Experimental Rock from Hampton Roads
Episode: "Don't Burn The Internet Radio"

Artist info from the web: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Burn-The-Radio ...

Carmen Anderson:

From the Ground Up:

Brain For Rent:

The Face of Weakness:

Give It Up:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Mike Federali- Never Be Lonely, The Outer Loop- Prologue, Burnt to Ashes- Casting a Shadow
Loss of Reason- The Great American 1090, elocine- The Ties That Bind Will Somehow Kill Us, Jon Dubb f/Quality- Garden State Grown, The Sunset Riffs- Track #3, Poorman- It Doesn't Matter, The Fastermores- Rock & Roll Will Get You Nowhere, Redline Addiction- Sadie, Invaluable- Nationalistic Ties, All Roads Lead Home- Prelude, Downbeat Switch- Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, Zachary Tate Pool- Erstwhile Children, UNKNOWN- STFD, Animal+sound -  Candidus anhelo dilectio, SICMaN of VA- Don't Call (LIVE at the NorVa)


PossessorPossessor on YourMusicShow, 6/19/11
Thrash Metal from VA Beach
Episode: "Metalize Your Father's Day"

Artist info from the web: http://www.facebook.com/PossessorMetal

Reaper of Death:

Champions of Chaos:

Taste The Pain:

Complete Episode:

The MuckrakesThe Muckrakes on YourMusicShow, 6/12/11
Americana from Hampton
Episode: "They Some Writin Fools"

Artist info from the web: www.themuckrakes.com


The Way You Were:

On the Run:

Not Gonna Fall:

If I Fail:


Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Tokyo- Fireplace, Hooking Up- Gold Mind, Turnover- Waiting, Possessor- Fire From Hell, The Alternative- The Last Starfighter, William Carney- Smooth, The Outer Loop- Naked Culture, The Revolving Birds- Plans, Spies - The Beauty & the Sound, Freedom Hawk- My Road, Capital Crisis- Sell Out, Tha Grit- Write My Wrongz, Invaluable- We Go On, UNKNOWN- One Hit Quit, Derek Smith- This Road, Broken Mouth Annie- Lose My Number

Alpha WhaleAlpha Whale on YourMusicShow, 5/23/11
Heavy Groove Rock from Hampton
Episode: "The Whale Is So Mighty"

Artist info from the web: www.reverbnation.com/alphawhale

So What:


Breaktime/Alpha Whale:



Serious Tone:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: funksion- Bleed Me Out, Tha Grit f/O.D. - Burn Me Dro, invaluable- Atencion!, William Carney- Far Above, Capital Crisis- Now's the Time, UNKNOWN- Mourning Wood, Uglyography- Keychain and Beads, Jon Dubb- The Journey, The Asthmatics- Delilah, 180 Out- Bounce (LIVE), Professor Marvel- Close the Curtain Darling, The Fourth Estate- The Watchers, Broken Mouth Annie- Time Machine, elocine- In Disguise, SICMaN of VA- Oh No (Live at the NorVa), The Alternative- Building Character

Popular VulturesPopular Vultures on YourMusicShow, 5/23/11
Rock/Blues Alternative from Hampton
Episode: "Shpadoinkle Vultures"

Artist info from the web: www.facebook.com/PopularVultures

Just Wrong:

At Night:


Lights Out:

Aesthetics of Entrapment:

Good Night, Good Fight:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Carousel- Piece of Joy, William Carney- Dark Step, Gratiot Lake Road- Autumn, UNKNOWN- Adrift, The Dharma Initiative- The Constant, The Alternative- Elements, Turnover- Sleepless Nights, Hooking Up- Slow Jamz, Possessor- Hammer and Nails, The Revolving Birds- Follow You Off, Jon Dubb f/O.T.S.- The Door Will Close, The Sunset Riffs- She Left Me, Counterfeit Molly- Added Advantage, Broken Mouth Annie- The Sleep of Kings, BlackFlame13- F.U.C.K., Once and Future Kings- Twenty Watts, The Fastermores- Movie Night

The Kill CircuitThe Kill Circuit on YourMusicShow, 5/16/11
Melodic Hard Rock from Norfolk
Episode: "The Kildos"

Artist info from the web: www.thekillcircuit.com

Low Resolution:

Picking Up the Pieces:

High Stakes:

Stiff Nights:

Part 3?:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Freedom Hawk- Jay Walker, The Asthmatics- Delilah, William Carney- Never Over, Aduro- Listen, The Fourth Estate- Creeper, Professor Marvel- Lock and Key, Broken Mouth Annie- It Burns!, Spies- Comatose in the DeLorean, Galaxy Dynamite!- Hide and Sneak
Hooking Up- Marry Money, DJ Future- Pairadice, Jon Dubb f/The Real Chaos- In God We Trust, Uglyography- August Neighborhood Yard Sale (LIVE on YMS), SICMaN of VA- I'm Sorry We Didn't Eat Sushi (LIVE on YMS), 180 Out- Take Me on Down (LIVE), The Muckrakes- More Haggard Than Merle


ReminderReminder on YourMusicShow, 5/8/11
Alternative Rock from Hampton Roads
Episode: "A Mother's Day Reminder"

Artist info from the web: www.remindermusic.com
Performances: The Minor:

Last Cab:

The Beginning:


Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: The Alternative- Heartless, Suburban Living- Attractive Smile, Hooking Up- Real Job, Alpha Whale- Preacher, Reminder- The Beginning, Family Tree- Live With Myself, Parade- Or Maybe I Don't, The Fourth Estate- Scheduling Conflict, The Sunset Riffs- Maybe Another, Reminder- The Minor. DJ Future- Herbsman, Black Flame 13- Battlecat, Gratiot Lake Road- Summer, P.Kaye- The Rain in Spain, Broken Mouth Annie- Queen of the Castaways, Before Him- Hand Held High, 180 Out- Android (LIVE), William Carney- 37 Ways

Gratiot Lake RoadGratiot Lake Road on YourMusicShow, 4/23/11
Pretty Folk from Michigan/Hampton
Episode: "I Can't Pronounce Gratiot"

Artist info from the web: www.gratiotlakeroad.com
Performances: Autumn:

See the Night:

Dollar Bay:



Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Gratiot Lake Road- Winter, Turnover- Time, Once and Future Kings- I Drink From a Drip I.V., speed/kill\hate- Breeding Hate, Broken Mouth Annie- Easy Kept Women, Tha Grit- Mr. Me, Bear Crossing- The Knight & The Oracle, The Nerve Scheme- Lovey Dovey, Jon Dubb- I'm So Hungry (Money,Money,Money), The Asthmatics- Trigger of the Gun, The Sunset Riffs- Ships Ahoy, Possessor- City Built With Skulls, Before Him- Moving Mountains, William Carney- Smooth, 180 Out- Voices, Professor Marvel- James the River Monster

Jon DubbJon Dubb on YourMusicShow, 4/4/11
Hip Hop/Rap from VA Beach
Episode: "Dubb with 2 B's (Pisscopter drinks Icehouse?)"

Artist info from the web: www.facebook.com/JonDubbFanPage
Performance: Listen:
Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: The Two Man Gentleman Band- The Leisure Class , The Sunset Riffs- Stay With Me, animal+sound- Nothin To Me, Jon Dubb- A New Beginning, Jon Dubb- I Miss You, Freedom Hawk- On the Other Side, Turnover- Sasha, Once and Future Kings- This Goes On, The Revolving Birds- The People vs William Jordan, The Kill Circuit- High Stakes, Tha Grit f/Jon Dubb- Hip Hop, Uglyography- Dungeon Pastimes, The Muckrakes- Long Cut, The Asthmatics- Firecracker, SICMaN of VA- Time (LIVE at YMS HQ), Parade- Whale Song

The AsthmaticsThe Asthmatics on YourMusicShow, 3/27/11
Rock/Pop from Newport News
Episode: "Asthmatic Episode or the Kitchen Can't Breathe"

Artist info from the web: www.reverbnation.com/theasthmaticsva
Performances: Delilah:

The Planets Were Stars:

Round the Bend:


My Bad Rib:

Trigger of the Gun:
Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Bear Crossing- All My Good Friends, Aduro- House of Cards,Tha Grit f/O.D.- Busted, Uglyography- The Sound I Need, The Revolving Birds- Aubreya, Professor Marvel- Fire Water, Parade- Decisions Decisions, Jon Dubb- 64 Bars, Galaxy Dynamite!- Silph Co, Derek Smith- Shine Through, Animal Sound- Shorty George, The Muckrakes- Trailer Park Love Story, William Carney- Ghosts 'n' Knas, The Fastermores- Still Ill, The Two Man Gentlemen Band- Going Into Business, Reminder- Lion Dormant

UglyographyUglyography on YourMusicShow, 2/31/11
Quirkadelic Rock from Hampton
Episode: "Undercover New Kitchen Show"

Artist info from the web: www.uglyography.com
Performances: Undercover New Machine:

August Neighborhood Yard Sale:

On the Ground:

Marcel's Foil:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Aduro- Last Sunset, Animal Sound- Looking Into the Distance, William Carney- Far Above
Isra- If Distance is Too Much, Then You Can Wear My Heart On Your Sleeve, Galaxy Dynamite!- Dripping Through Every Crack, Freedom Hawk- Hollow Caverns, The Two Man Gentlemen Band- A Gentle Stomp, The Fastermores- Vices, The Muckrakes- If I Fail to Reach You, Bear Crossing- Bones, Derek Smith- Waste of Time, Jon Dubb- Good Times, SICMaN of VA- Sweatpants of Love, Tha Grit f/2Face- Tha Dayz, Memoir of a Massacre- Hell is Home, Uglyography- On the Ground


SICMaN of VASICMaN of VA on YourMusicShow, 2/1/11
Freak Rock from VA Beach/Norfolk
Episode: "I'm Calling in SICMaN"

Artist info on the web: www.sicman.com
Performances: I'm Sorry We Don't Eat Sushi:

D & B:

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: SICMaN of VA- Sweatpants of Love, The Influence- Break, Freedom Hawk- Going Down, The Muckrakes- Blue Skied Morning, SICMaN of VA- Cutter, Stuck Backwards- Over Again, Burn the Radio- Rain for Rent, Memoir of a Massacre- Hell is Home, Uglyography- The Chipsters, Pilot!- Kill the Lights, Society's Plague- Legions, The Two Man Gentleman Band- Me, I Get High on Reefer, Murphy's Kids- A Letter From the City, Josh Smokes Too Much- Forcefed Jizz with a Heroin Spoon, Eazy D- A Song for Someone Else, Long Division- New Fragile, SICMaN of VA-  Run

The Nerve SchemeThe Nerve Scheme on YourMusicShow, 11/29/10
Punk Rock from Hampton
Episode: "The Nerve Scheme = Ratings"

Artist info on the web: www.facebook.com/thenervescheme
Performances: Wax Girl (Hector Unplugged):

Lovey Dovey (Hector Unplugged):

Through the Bloodstream (Hector Unplugged):

Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: Ann Feld- Always Were, ki:theory- My Thoughts, MikeAlis- Runaway, Unstable- Slo Up, Murphy's Kids- A Letter From the City, Counterfeit Molly- Host, Great American Headache- Cuffed, Eazy D- Dead Body Bingo, Fools & Horses- Selfish, Matt MacDonald- Can I See You, 180 Out- Lie To Me (Live and Acoustic on YMS), The Nerve Scheme- Public Offender, Alpha Whale- Jesus, elocine- The Ties That Bind Will Someday Kill Us, Long Division- Mutations, Lucan Wolf- My Vampira

180 Out180 Out on YourMusicShow, 8/29/10
Metal from Norfolk
Episode: "180 Out Angry Libs"

Artist info on the web: www.reverbnation.com/180out757
Performances: Lie to Me:

Touch the Moon:


Complete Episode:
Complete Playlist: The Muckrakes- That's Alright Mama,180 Out- The Desert Song, An Toine Jamal- Lights On, Redline Addiction- Falling Down, Erase the Enemy- Reap What You Say, Minimal Fatal Dose Lost in the Islands, The Action Habit- Is Anyone Listening, Murphy's Kids- Anti Corporate Beach Party, Quicksilver- Navigation, The Chill Flow- Bee Stings, Dre 7v5a7- Dre-D's Anthem, The Nerve Scheme- Public Offender, Killing the Cure- Tokyo Hearts, The Static Minds- Just A Teaser, Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun- Faster than Some, Turnover- Life in Stillframe


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