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The Nerve Scheme

180 Out



The Asthmatics

Jon Dubb

Gratiot Lake Road


The Kill Circuit

Popular Vultures

Alpha Whale

The Muckrakes


Burn the Radio

The Alternative

Broken Mouth Annie

The Outer Loop


Capital Crisis

Professor Marvel

Shakespeare's Ghozt



What We Do

LET'S MAKE A SCENE! is a DIY organization dedicated to supporting, promoting, and raising awareness of ORIGINAL local music in Hampton Roads. There are basically two pieces to the intiative:

1. YourMusicShow Radio Broadcast. This is a weekly radio program that is broadcast online every Sunday afternoon, featuring a different original artist each week. The artist performs live on the 2 hour radio show and is interviewed and invited to hang out and have a good time with the DJs.

In addition to the guest performances, the YourMusicShow DJs spin blocks of local music, keep listeners up to date on happenings in the scene, and engage in comedic banter that often has nothing to do with music at all!

Listen here at the YourMusicShow website or download specific episodes with your favorite local guest artists right here.

2. LET'S MAKE A SCENE! Live Music Showcases Series. Roughly once a month during 2011, a not-for-profit local music extravaganza is held at a Hampton Roads venue. Each FREE event features 3 - 5 acts that have performed on YourMusicShow radio. Between acts, YourMusicShow spins all local tracks and videos to keep the entertainment rolling and to keep the evening centered on local music.

Check out the Showcase Schedule here.

If you are a band or a venue that is interested in participating in LET'S MAKE A SCENE! please contact us. We look forward to hearing from artists of all genres of music as long as you created it yourself and you live in Hampton Roads!


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